ArcDia’s mariAST® is the most promising platform to tackle antibiotic resistance.

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  • Allows testing of antibiotic resistance directly from polymicrobial clinical samples
  • Is rapid and easy to use
  • Is fully automated
  • Has a high capacity: 40 -100 samples per day
  • Enables bringing AST and resistance testing in a point-of-care environment

mariAST® measures species-specific bacterial growth in real-time. mariAST® combines in-well culture and high-accuracy bacterial detection. The process yields an ID in only 20 minutes, and reports resistance results for strong positive inoculum in just 2 hours after sampling.



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ArcDia’s mariAST® is based on ArcDia’s mariPOC® field-proven test system.

ArcDia’s platform:

  • Is based on the proprietary TPX detection tecnology published in Nature Biotechnology in 2000
  • Has been deployed in routine central lab and point-of-care settings since 2011
  • Has been awarded e.g. Frost & Sullivan Point-of-Care Leadership Prize in 2014
  • Whose sister technology, born and developed in ArcDia’s scientific founder’s lab in Finland, won The Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2014
  • mariAST® research program is in process