mariPOC® pharyn – The rapid test for tonsillitis

mariPOC® pharyn is designed for testing of sore throat. The test system allows rapid differentiation between viral and bacterial infections.

Select test type for automated analysis

Pharyn test

  • Adenovirus
  • Group A streptococci

The Pharyn test reports result for group A streptococcus and adenovirus from the same sample in two steps:

Preliminary results in 15 min, with equal sensitivity to standard GAS culture

Final results in 55 min, reports low positive and negative results



The new QuickStrepA test reports final result already in 15 min. The sensitivity of QuickStrepA is equal to standard bacterial culture.

Evaluation study of the new test shows excellent results (June 2017). The sensitivity of the new GAS test (final result) was 141% compared to culture.

Sample pretreatment

1. Take a sample from the throat with flocked swab (Copan or MWE) and insert the swab into a test tube
2. Dispense extraction solutions, vortex and incubate 2-10 minutes
3. Insert the bar coded test tube into the analyser for automated analysis

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