What is mariPOC®?

mariPOC test system

What is the mariPOC® test system?

  • The first and multianalyte test system for acute infections truly suited for POCT
  • Syndromic based panels for rapid testing of respiratory and gastrointestinal infections
  • Accurate, efficient and automated direct detection of bacteria and viruses
  • For nasopharyngeal and throat swab samples, aspirates and stool samples
  • Works in continuous-feed mode
  • IVD CE marked

Why to choose mariPOC®?

  • Accuracy of central laboratory tests at the POC
  • Extremely easy-to-use and short hands-on-time
  • Automated analysis and results read-out
  • Reliable and fast results, high capacity
    • Single system replaces conventional rapid and laboratory antigen tests
  • Can be connected to laboratory information systems

mariPOC® test system allows

  • Early pathogen-specific diagnosis
  • Flexible sample feed and high capacity
  • Accurate use of virus-specific drugs and antimicrobials
  • Precise in-patient cohorting
  • Improved cost-effectiveness and patient flow management