Epidemiological data on respiratory infections directly to your desktop

ArcDia's mariCloud™ is an online service and platform for the real-time epidemiological surveillance of infectious diseases. mariCloud™ collects test results from analysers and reports infection prevalence data to mariCloud users. The service also enables remote monitoring of mariPOC® device health and automated collection of invoicing data in reagent rental agreements.

The service is in wide use, for example, in Finland where it has achieved the status of national epidemiological surveillance tool. mariCloud™ data supplements the data collected by authorities through other means and is meant in particular for health care personnel to support real-time and optimal decision making. In its home country, ArcDia is closely collaborating with the national surveillance authority who uses the data in their research and surveillance work.

Epidemiological situation of the last 6 weeks in Finland

Below is an extract of the data that are available from mariCloud™ online service.
Epidemiological Situation

Why mariCloud?

  • Optimize antibiotic and anti-viral use
  • Epidemic and infection control
  • Pandemic preparedness
  • Plan health care resource usage
  • Guide in vitro diagnostics use
  • Comprehensive data from both primary care and hospitalized patients
  • Enables device health remote monitoring and automation of collection of invoicing data
mariCloud infographics 2021


  • The analyser is isolated from the Internet
  • Only one-way communication
  • Personal data is not transferred
  • All data is encrypted
  • Does not employ customer networks

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mariCloud™ is a complete tool for epidemiological surveillance of infectious diseases

Graphical coverage Comprehensive Scattered
Extensivess Comprehensive >10 pathogens Narrow, Flu A/B
Disease burden data Yes No or limited
Patient coverage (primary care, hospitals, age groups) Complete Distorted (mainly from hopitalized and censor centers)
Up-to-date Real-time 1-2 weeks old
Added value Remote device performance monitoring No added value

Snapshot of running season

Example of epidemiological data in Finland

With mariCloud™ service you can now follow your region's epidemiological picture in real-time using PC or mobile device. The examples show selected data from Finland regarding influenza-like illnesses (Respi test) and Group A streptococci.

Epidemiological data of 2020

Epidemiological data in Finland 2020.


mariCloud StrepA data week 26 2021