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C. difficile infection: Superior performance diagnostics with mariPOC


What is CDI (C. difficile infection)? CDI is the most commonly diagnosed cause of antibiotic and healthcare-associated infectious diarrhea. Colonized C. difficile bacteria may overwhelm beneficial microbiota in the intestine after antibiotic treatment. The disease emerges when intestinal cells are damaged in the presence of toxin A and B proteins produced by the bacteria. From a diagnostic perspective, relevant […]

Consumerization has reached lab diagnostics.


Have you thought about how deep COVID-19 crisis has transformed the lab diagnostic market? Consumers have been self-testing to limit the pandemic and pressure on health care. As a result, they have taken some ownership of lab diagnostics. The diagnostic industry has to adjust to this new trend and introduce appropriate solutions and services. Home […]

mariPOC Graph Applicability of nasal and mid-turbinate swabs

mariPOC antigen tests detect infections before symptom onset


Our latest research shows that mariPOC antigen testing can detect coronavirus infections one day before the onset of symptoms and irrespective of their prior vaccination or diseases status. Viral load and infectiousness can peak already in the pre-symptomatic phase and latest during the initial symptomatic days. These days pose the greatest risk for spreading the […]

A person holding viral culture plate

Should virus culture be the “golden standard” in COVID-19 diagnostics?


Although the whole concept of the “golden standard” is controversial, the term is still often used even in diagnostic guidelines. Controversy stems from the fact that very rarely a single diagnostic method is unambiguously both more sensitive and more specific than other methods. The concept becomes more and more complex given the different use indications […]

mariPOC antigen testing designed to escape strain variations


The expected has happened. The SARS-CoV-2 causing COVID-19 disease has mutated, as typical for coronaviruses. The new strains are not only spreading more effectively, but they also may be missed by PCR based tests. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) warns health care providers to be aware that genetic variants of SARS-CoV-2 arise regularly […]

Comparison of phenotypic and genotypic diagnosis of acute infections


I recently wrote about choosing the right methodology for the right disease based on the scientific article by Virginie Prendki et al. 2019. Now a scientific article addressing this matter using our mariPOC platform and the world’s first rapid test for bocavirus has been published in a high ranking journal, Journal of Clinical Virology. The […]