Laajoilla testipaneeleilla saadaan useampi tulos yhdestä näytteestä

The mariPOC® test system replaces traditional rapid and laboratory tests

The Finnish mariPOC® test system enables fast and accurate diagnosis of acute infectious diseases. Extensive test panels allow the identification of multiple pathogens at the same time. mariPOC tests do not require blood sampling.

The automated test system provides central laboratory-level accuracy for point-of-care testing. mariPOC is more sensitive and specific than traditional lateral flow testing and offers superior performance in rapid testing. The reliability of the results is ensured by the automatic quality control of the test system. Test reagents are available in a variety of configurations, providing suitable solutions for a variety of needs. All tests are IVD CE marked. Read more about the different mariPOC tests here.


Fast diagnostics simplified

With mariPOC you get fast results. With our Quick tests, results are reported in as little as 15-20 minutes. For group A streptococci, the result corresponding to culture is reported in 15 minutes and even more sensitive test result is obtained in less than one hour. For other tests, preliminary results are obtained in 15 to 20 minutes and final results in 1 to 2 hours. As many as 90% of virus-positive samples are reported already at the preliminary stage.

mariPOC® is a walk-away device that is very easy to use and no separate laboratory training is required. The intuitive interface displays the results of the automatic measurement unambiguously, so there is no need for the user to interpret the results. The system also enables connection to laboratory information systems (LIS), which speeds up the process and reduces human error.

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mariPOC® detects the most common viruses and bacteria that cause acute infections

For acute infections, such as influenza, common cold and COVID-19, it’s typical that the pathogen causing the disease is not possible to determine based on symptoms alone. Even accurate differentiation between bacterial and viral disease for deciding on treatment is not possible without testing because of symptom overlap. For this reason, multiple pathogens must be tested from each patient to get accurate diagnosis and provide the optimal treatment.

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