ArcDian TPX-teknologia mahdollistaa herkän ja spesifisen diagnostiikan

TPX technology

mariPOC® utilizes the TPX (Two-Photon Excitation) assay technique for highly sensitive and extremely specific antigen detection. It is a proprietary technology of the Finnish Company ArcDia International Ltd., the developer and manufacturer of mariPOC®.

High sensitivity and specificity

mariPOC® provides the best antigen detection sensitivity at the point-of-care. The superior specificity is the unique feature of the mariPOC® technique. It results from the use of the sandwich immunoassay principle.

mariPOC® is unique

Specificity is further improved by the use of 3 μm polystyrene microparticles as the solid reaction phase. Laser-excited fluorescence of individual microparticles is measured one at the time. Also the fluorescence signal of the surrounding matrix is recorded.

Finally a sophisticated data reduction algorithm returns the quantitative test result. The TPX technology brings antigen testing to the 3D level. The unique technology is easy to use, efficient and accurate. mariPOC® detection is automated and separation-free. The process can be applied to various sample materials.