ArcDian TPX-teknologia mahdollistaa herkän ja spesifisen diagnostiikan

TPX technology

What is TPX technology?

mariPOC® utilizes the ArcDiaTM TPX (Two-Photon Excitation) assay technique for highly sensitive and extremely specific direct pathogen detection. It is a proprietary technology of the Finnish Company ArcDia International Ltd., the developer and manufacturer of mariPOC®. The technology has been shown to be suitable for all applications typically performed in clinical laboratories based on immunossays or using enzyme reactions to measure clinical chemistry analytes. Potential application space in research, screening and clinical diagnostics is extremely wide.

More information about the technology

Key technological advantages

  • Separation free fluorescence measurement
  • One-step assay
  • Real-time reaction kinetics monitoring
  • Accuracy and performance independent of the reaction volume
  • Small reagent volumes and consumption
  • Compatibility with dried reagents
  • World record sensitivity and specificity
  • Wide dynamic range
  • Excellent precision