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Group A streptococcus (GAS) is the most common bacterial cause of tonsillitis and antibiotics can be used to alleviate symptoms and speed recovery. mariPOC® Quick StrepA test is indicated for testing streptococcal throat in tonsillitis suspicion. The test reports the final results in just 15 minutes. The sensitivity and accuracy of Quick StrepA is equal to a standard bacterial culture.

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New indications for Group A streptococci test

Indications of Group A streptococci test method now include also perianal streptococcal dermatitis. GAS is a common cause of skin infections e.g. in perianal region. Signs and symptoms of perianal GAS infection include perianal dermatitis, itching, rectal pain, constipation and blood-streaked stools. Similar signs and symptoms are caused by, for example, irritant dermatitis, candidiasis and inflammatory bowel disease. Perianal GAS infections in children are often misdiagnosed and treated suboptimally. Untreated perianal GAS infection can persist for months and cause outbreaks in day cares and transmission among family members.