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mariPOC® tests

One sample – multiple results

For acute infections, such as respiratory influenza, it is typical that the pathogen causing the disease is not possible to determine based on symptoms alone. Even accurate differentiation between bacterial and viral disease to decide on antimicrobial treatment is not possible without laboratory testing. Typically multiple pathogens can cause similar symptoms. For this reason, multiple pathogens must be tested from each patient to get accurate diagnosis.

mariPOC® test system provides easily and fast multiple test results from a single non-invasive clinical sample. The test system enables central laboratory sensitivity and specificity in point-of-care testing. The quality of the results is ensured by a unique internal autoverification system. All tests are IVD CE marked.
Result time depends on the test. For group A Streptococcus, culture level sensitivity is obtained in less than 15 minutes from inserting the sample for analysis. In less than an hour, the sensitivity is superior compared to culture. For Quick test series there is only one result time, 15 or 20 minutes. For other tests, preliminary results are obtained in 20 minutes and final results in two hours. Most of the virus positive results are obtained in 20 minutes, 80% on average. For influenza A virus and RSV, 90% of positive results are delivered in 20 minutes when the test is used in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

Ensure correct pathogen-specific diagnosis and treatment with mariPOC®'s broad syndromic test panels!

mariPOC® tests

For influenza-like illnesses

  • mariPOC® Respi test
  • mariPOC® Quick Flu/RSV test

For tonsillitis and throat infection

  • mariPOC® Pharyn test
  • mariPOC® Quick StrepA test

For acute gastrointestinal infections

  • mariPOC® Gastro test

For Clostridium difficile infections (CDI, antibiotic associated diarrhoea)

  • mariPOC® CDI test