mariPOC® tests

mariPOC enables automated and syndromic multianalyte testing of the most common and important infections. It is ideally designed taking into account that these infections often demand rapid diagnostics at the sampling site or at on-call laboratories.  The flexible mariPOC tests are available as single analyte and multi-analyte depending on your testing needs. Tests detecting single virus and allowing high-capacity analysis are apt for pandemic control of COVID-19 and influenza.

The automated test systems can also be used for screening purposes at the primary care level or in drive-through testing stations. These features make the IVD CE marked mariPOC test, a one-of-a-kind solution on the market for helping healthcare fight acute infections and pandemics.

Small guts circle vector

For acute gastrointestinal infections

Big guts circle vector

For Clostridium difficile infections (CDI, antibiotic associated diarrhea)

The affordable tests have been designed to rapidly identify the infectious individuals. This test principle allows it to have a higher accuracy in disease testing than other tests on the market. To briefly elaborate the science behind our test, our mariPOC technology enables direct detection of pathogens and toxins from a sample by identifying pathogenic proteins or antigens. Thanks to numerous unique features, our mariPOC tests have proved to be easy to use and are currently used in syndromic testing and screening.