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Patient and user experience

Patient experience

"My one year old daughter had a high fever by the third day. I was suspecting urinary tract infection, because there were no other symptoms. Luckily primary care paediatrician was clever enough to test her with mariPOC. The same visit we went to their lab and soon I heard that my child was suffering from a respiratory infection caused by parainfluenza virus. There was no drug for it but it was comforting to know what caused the disease. I also appreciated a lot that my child was not exposed to the effect of an unnecessary course of antibiotics. The next day,the common flu symptoms began.”

Mother of two young children

"We were just about to leave by plane to celebrate my mother-in-law's birthday in southern Europe when our five-month-old child had a high fever and a severe cough. We were especially worried about whether his ears were inflamed and would hurt on the plane. We went to our primary care paediatrician to check the ears and got an accurate diagnosis. The ears were not inflamed and the symptoms were, according to the test, the result of a respiratory infection caused by a bocavirus. According to the prognosis, the boy would probably recover within a few days without medicine, and this is how it went”

Satisfied dad

"My daughter had received a seasonal flu vaccine, but despite this she had symptoms in the winter that resembled the flu virus. She was tested with a mariPOC test, and already within half an hour we got to hear she had influenza A. The paediatrician prescribed for Tamiflu and we started the course about a day after the symptoms had began. After a day, the girl was in full swing again. We realized that the speed at which the treatment was started had a very important effect on the effectiveness of the drug. Neither of us parents needed to be away from work because the disease cured so fast.”

Relieved mother

“Our daughter got a high fever on Friday evening and she also complained of sore throat. The next day, at a private medical center, she was diagnosed having a tonsillitis caused by Group A Streptococcus with mariPOC. Antibiotic medication cleared most symptoms in one day. A day later, our son was also diagnosed with the same disease, with mariPOC. Again, the antibiotic medication eased the symptoms very quickly. Everything was handled really nicely and quickly, each time on a single visit.”

Mother of two kindergarten children

“My throat was so sore that I could not drink or eat properly. My occupational doctor sent me to the lab and within twenty minutes I was leaving home with a streptococcal diagnosis and an antibiotic course. The medicine worked quickly and after a day I was feeling good.”


Customer cases are real stories that have been authorized to be shared. Names have been changed to protect the privacy of individuals.

User experience

"We have been using the mariPOC® Respi test in the Vaasa Central Hospital laboratory for several years. mariPOC is an easy-to-use, affordable and accurate device for rapid testing of respiratory infections. The device has also proven to work well during influenza and RSV epidemics. The mariPOC's fast and friendly service team deserves special credit. We have never been left without immediate support.”

Suvi-Sirkku Kaukoranta
Adj. prof., Laboratory Chief Physician, Vaasa Central Hospital

"This is an easy-to-use, clever, fast and accurate diagnostic method that we use a lot, especially at the beginning of the flu season. This gives us an idea of ​​whether we already have the flu. The method of diagnosis has its costs, but the overall benefit outweighs the costs”

Erkki Tuomaala
Leading Chief Physician, Public Primary Care Centre, Kaarina, Finland

"Sometimes one suspects influenza based on clinical findings but a comprehensive mariPOC test reveals, for example, RS virus or vice versa. The real-time epidemiological picture of the mariCloud service has also been useful for deciding correct diagnostics. The parents are happy when the disease their child has is getting a name. Although there is a specific drug only for influenza, the family of a RSV patient, for example, can be guided to avoid contact with families with newborns.”

Dr. Kaija Hartiala
Specialist in Pediatrics, Mehiläinen Ltd., Turku, Finland

"Accurate and rapid diagnosis of infectious diseases reduces prescription of unnecessary antibiotic courses and treatment side effects. Identifying the infectious agent also develops the clinician's eye in recognizing the disease. mariPOC tests have been a great help in making accurate and rapid diagnosis, and they have greatly improved the quality of our work.”

Dr. Jukka Vakkila
Adj. Prof., Chief of Pediatrics, Mehiläinen (Ltd) Clinic for Children and Adolescents, Helsinki, Finland

"We have been using mariPOC for more than two years now. The product has strengthened the early diagnosis of respiratory and gastrointestinal infections.”

Answard Alberto Leiva
Director of Clinical Laboratory, Hospital Irma de Lourdes Tzanetatos, Panama

"We are doing very well with mariPOC. It has had very good acceptance among the clinicians who see in it as an useful tool to support their clinical diagnosis.”

Johana Quintero
Head of Clinical Microbiology Laboratory, Hospital Gustavo Nelson Collado, Panama