CDI-testillä tunnistetaan GDH ja toksiinit A&B

mariPOC® CDI test

The mariPOC® CDI (Clostridium difficile infection) test was developed to meet the ESCMID (European Society of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases) guideline for diagnostics of CDI. The test detects accurately and simultaneously C. difficile GDH and disease-causing C. difficile toxins A and B from fecal specimens. Furthermore, based on the guideline, patients with C. difficile toxin-negative results should have alternative diagnoses considered and excluded. Save time and money by broadening the simultaneous detection from the same sample with mariPOC® gastro test panel!

mariPOC® CDI test provides:

  • Automation and ease of use
  • High capacity
  • Excellent performance

Preliminary result: 20 min (strong positive results)
Final result: 2 h (weak positive and negative results)

Sample pretreatment

1. Suspend stool sample into Gastro Sample Buffer
2. Filter the sample directly into bar-coded mariPOC® test tube
3. Insert the test tube into the analyser for automated analysis

►  Rapid instructions for Gastro and CDI test pretreatment

  Video for Gastro and CDI test pretreatment

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