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mariPOC® gastro test for gastroenteritis

mariPOC® gastro test is a multianalyte test for acute gastroenteritis. The test allows rapid detection and differentiation between most common viral and bacterial infections.

Test panel

  • Norovirus GII.4
  • Norovirus GI
  • Rotavirus
  • Adenovirus
  • Campylobacter spp.

Preliminary result: 20 min (strong positive results)
Final result: 2 h (weak positive and negative results)


mariPOC® Gastro and CDI

You can choose to run the multianalytic mariPOC® gastro test and the CDI test from the same sample.

Read more about CDI test (Clostridium difficile infection).


Sample pretreatment

1. Suspend stool sample into Gastro Sample Buffer
2. Filter the sample directly into bar-coded mariPOC® test tube
3. Insert the test tube into the analyser for automated analysis

►  Rapid instructions for Gastro test pretreatment

  Video for Gastro test pretreatment