mariPOC antigen tests detect infections before symptom onset

written byJuha Koskinen & Janne Koskinen

posted onDecember 17, 2021

Our latest research shows that mariPOC antigen testing can detect coronavirus infections one day before the onset of symptoms and irrespective of their prior vaccination or diseases status. Viral load and infectiousness can peak already in the pre-symptomatic phase and latest during the initial symptomatic days. These days pose the greatest risk for spreading the infection and, therefore, is the most important window for rapid testing and infection control measures. In the beginning of the pandemic there was confusion whether antigen tests are effective for asymptomatic individuals. That discussion has now resolved with scientific studies showing their efficacy in finding contagious individuals.

In the graph, the viral antigen load (y-axis) for two individuals (turquoise and amber) who encountered coronavirus OC43 infection through family member exposure is presented in mariPOC test Ψ (psi) units. Ψ is a multiple of the detection limit. NA means no sample was available at that time point.

mariPOC Graph Applicability of nasal and mid-turbinate swabs

A positive test result obtained on the pre-symptomatic day prevented further infections at ground zero.

Outbreaks of COVID-19 have endangered and ruined the continuity of operations in many companies around the globe. What is significant for our company operations is that with an active testing strategy of people with known exposure or even the mildest symptoms and compliant employees, we have been able to catch and stop the infections at the earliest. Without testing, the individuals would have circulated at work for at least one or two days, likely infecting others.

In addition to SARS-CoV-2, workplace outbreaks and sick leaves can also be caused by other respiratory infections, which are still usually not covered by the standard testing routines of occupational health care. These infections, however, can be covered by our multianalyte and automated diagnostic solutions, so easy to use that they can be operated by the company nurse on the spot.

See our references including e.g., paper mill industry and other medical device manufacturers.