One sample – several results

mariPOC® test system for acute infections provides multiple test results from a single clinical sample. The respiratory tract infection test system enables central laboratory sensitivity and specificity in point-of-care testing. The quality of the results is ensured by a unique internal autoverification system.

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Product line

  • mariPOC® Respi test
  • mariPOC® Pharyn test
  • mariPOC® Gastro test
  • mariPOC® CDI test



mariPOC® test results

Results are reported in two phases to allow rapid results and central laboratory accuracy.

  • Walk away after short pretreatment
  • Automated result reporting
  • Results available within 20 minutes, to speed up both diagnosis and treatment
  • Approximately ¾ positive results are reported in 20 min (Ivaska et al. J Clin Virol. 2013;57(2):136-40)
  • The analytical specificity of preliminary result is ≥ 99,95 % compared to results reported in 2 hours.
  • Low positive and negative results are reported in 2 hours


The analysis capacity of the test system is 50-100 respiratory tract infection patient samples per day.