13.4. - 16.4.2019

ECCMID 2019, Amsterdam, Netherlands

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At our booth you can hear the latest news and learn how our products are the true solution for rapid diagnostics of acute infections.

mariPOC​® products are featured in ECCMID for example in the following scientific presentations:

Prospective evaluation of a new mariPOC® respi test with improved sensitivity for influenza A virus

Thomas et al. compared mariPOC® respi test performed by nurses at the point-of-care to a multiplex PCR product performed in a virology laboratory (N=899). The sensitivity of the 2nd generation mariPOC® influenza A virus test against the PCR product was very high 92.3% (24/26). This was despite the facts that the children in this study were sampled earlier in the course of the illness and by using smaller swabs than in general clinical routine. These together meant lower viral loads in the specimens, which has a direct effect on antigen test sensitivity. Approximately 450 samples needed to be tested with the PCR product to get one additional IAV positive compared to mariPOC®.

The study will be published as a poster #P0114.

An evaluation of a gastrointestinal pathogen panel immunoassay in the stool testing of patients with a suspected Clostridium difficile infection

Krutova et al. compared mariPOC® Gastro+CDI test and C. DIFF QUIK CHEK COMPLETE® (Alere) with C. diffi­cile toxigenic culture as a reference method (N=640, stool samples requested for CDI testing). The mariPOC® found 20% more true toxin positive cases than the lateral flow test. Moreover, in other 29 cases other causative pathogen was detected by the gastro test. These patients would have left undiagnosed without the multiplex mariPOC® gene expression test.

The study will be published as a poster #P0242.

Preclinical evaluation of phenotypic mariAST MRSA RUO test against routine MRSA screening methods in hospital setting

According to the results of Antikainen et al., the overall sensitivity of the new test was 88% (38/43) and specificity was 91% (569/624) while the product is still under further development improving both the sensitivity and specificity. The mariAST® platform differentiates from other rapid AST concepts as it is suited truly for direct testing of clinical samples, not just for positive blood cultures. The analyzer is suitable for 24/7 decentralized use needed in the future to cope with common infections caused by multiresistant bacteria.

The study will be published as a poster #P2615.