21.3. - 22.3.2024

Virology days 2024

New mariPOC research results will be published at the National Virology Days in Helsinki on March 21, 2024! In cooperation with Pikkujätti’s and Aava’s specialist Maria Juusela, we have studied how the virus concentrations in the nasopharynx change during the course of coronavirus infection, and with a new prototype test how the body’s antibody immune response becomes detectable. According to the results, the disappearance of the viral antigen from the nasopharynx is associated with the appearance of antibodies. Finding antibodies in the nasopharyngeal sample is a sign of a recent infection and, combined with a negative antigen test result, an accurate marker that the patient is no longer contagious. With such a double test, rapid testing would become even more sensitive than PCR to detect acute infection and recent infection. However, rapid testing tells more accurately whether the disease is in the acute phase and whether the patient is contagious.

See our poster no 53: Posters | Virology Days 2024 Conference | University of Helsinki