Press Release: ArcDia International Ltd develops a COVID-19 test for primary care

Turku Finland, March 11, 2020 – the Finnish medical device manufacturer ArcDia International Ltd develops a COVID-19 rapid test for the automated mariPOC® test system. mariPOC® is the market leader in automated testing of respiratory tract infections in Finland. Because of its ease of use and short time to results, mariPOC® is especially suitable for the rapid testing of acute infections in primary care and emergency clinics.

“The testing capacity of mariPOC® installations in Finland is more than 7,000 broad respiratory tract infection tests per day, so the testing capacity should be sufficient to test all patients in Finland. Coronavirus tests alone could be performed 15,000 per day. If mariPOC® systems were used more widely in public healthcare, the authorities would have a more accurate and real-time picture of the infection situation in Finland. This is not a cost issue as mariPOC® tests are inexpensive”, says Vesa Kemppainen, CEO of ArcDia.

The gene amplification tests currently used for coronavirus testing can only be performed in specialized laboratories. These tests are not available for rapid testing of large patient populations in primary care and emergency clinics. Moreover, broad syndromic testing is required to effectively fight against viral epidemics. It is not enough to detect only SARS-COV-2. “It is crucial to differentiate other pathogens, such as influenza and RS viruses, causing similar symptoms as coronavirus. Knowing that the cause of the symptoms is not the new coronavirus gives the patient a peace of mind”, says Jenna Mäkilä, Product Manager at ArcDia.

“We already have a CE marked mariPOC® test for the coronavirus OC43 strain on the market. The coronavirus OC43 is a common annually circulating strain. The test is accurate and widely used in Finland”, says Dr. Janne Koskinen, the Head of R&D at ArcDia. “This demonstrates our ability to develop an accurate mariPOC® test also for a new virus that causes COVID-19,” Koskinen continues. The prototype test could be available for research use as soon as in 1 to 2 months. The new coronavirus test can be integrated as part of ArcDia’s broad syndromic Respi panel, which identifies 11 common pathogens. Patients suffering from viral or bacterial disease other than COVID-19 can also be diagnosed and treated accordingly. Compared to gene amplification tests, the findings of the mariPOC® tests are more likely to be clinically true positives.

mariPOC® test results are automatically collected in ArcDia’s mariCloudTM online service. mariCloudTM provides a real-time epidemiological situation for the use of authorities and health care professionals. The new SARS-COV-2 test will also be added to the mariCloudTM online service after the test is launched.


mariPOC® is a fully automated test system designed for rapid detection of acute infectious diseases. mariPOC® detects the most common causes of respiratory, pharyngeal and gastrointestinal infections. Central laboratory level results are typically reported already during the doctor’s visit. mariPOC® is the market leader in Finland for automated testing of respiratory infections. mariPOC® is known for its ease of use, high accuracy and reliability. mariPOC® is a patent protected technology developed in Finland.

ArcDia International Oy Ltd

ArcDia International Oy Ltd develops, manufactures and markets mariPOC® worldwide. The company in Turku, Finland, was founded in 2008 and employs 29 professionals. mariPOC® products enable central laboratory level accuracy and pathogen coverage for decentralized rapid testing. ArcDia aims to expand the mariPOC® product line to cover the most common infections and antimicrobial resistance markers.

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